Vanquis Bank x VideoSmart: Case Study

Earlier in the year, we partnered with Vanquis Bank to create an effective and engaging personalised video that welcomed customers to their account with the credit provider. The aim was to explain the next steps for the cust

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The Art of the Virtual Pitch

Pitching is fundamental within business and an undeniably integral part of pitching is human interac
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In the Studio with Harriet Powell

Hello everybody and welcome to a brand-new episode of “In The Studio”. This is a very special edition because today we are doing the “In The Studio” series, in video format. And most importantly welcoming our brand-new starter, and very special guest, Harriet.
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In the Studio with Krissy Georgiou

In this month’s #stayhome special of (not so) “In the studio”, we have the one, the only, Krissy Georgiou! Krissy is our Strategic Partnerships Manager and has been at VideoSmart for over three years.
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An Interview With American Express Director, Marvin Moses

A VideoSmart interview with Amex Director, Marvin Moses. Click to know more about Pay with Bank Transfer.
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