who is videosmart

Who is VideoSmart?

We are an eclectic mix of tech geeks, data gurus, connoisseurs in creativity and pragmatic project managers.

Varying skillsets, countless ideas, and one vision: to improve your customer communications using the power of video.

who is videosmart

What do we do?

We provide digital communication solutions, with creativity and data at the core.

Ideas that are brought to life through our people and technology to provide the end-to-end solution for personalised and interactive videos, which drive your business critical objectives.

who is videosmart

Why do we do it?

In a world so crowded by marketing communications, companies need to stand out. We create dynamic videos that support acquisition, on-boarding processes, growth of existing customers and retention.

VideoSmart will help you engage with your customers or employees at any stage of the customer life cycle by monetising data.

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